Tipps & Tricks

Some tipps and tricks to help you plan your trip!

heart    Traveling alone?

Do you want to spent your whole vacation working as an animal shelter volunteer? If your answer is yes, then please travel alone. No one who is not as nuts about dogs as you are will be happy with such a holiday plan.

airplane    How to find the cheapest flights?

  • Momondo: My absolute favorite because it is clearly arranged and you can see if there are cheaper flights within the next days. If you are not fixed on a date you can save a lot of money.
  • Flugladen: Also pretty good but the best plus is that you can get cashback of 7.50 € for every flight via Andasa.
  • Eurowings: My go to airline, just because it offers the cheapest flights to a lot of international destinations if you are flying from Cologne, Germany. Just a litte proof, this year I got a non stop flight both ways to Cancun for 300€ in total!


placeholder   How to find the best accommodation?

  • Airbnb: If you want to get to know the locals at your destination this is your best chance. It is often cheaper than hotels and more comfy than hostels. In some countries like Japan Airbnb is even cheaper than hostels.
  • Hostelword: If you want to meet other travelers then hostels are your best option. I prefer Hostelworld because I really like the app design and the review section.
  • Booking: If you prefer hotels or can’t find your favourite hostel on Hostelworld you should try booking.com. Some really great hostels like Hostel Azucar in Isla Mujeres are only on Booking.com.
  • Expedia: Expedia is your best option if you don’t want to book your flight and hotel separately, because they often offer special combo deals.

backpack    What to pack?

This is a very individual thing so all I can tell you is what I bringt on all of my trips.

  • Backpack: Not the best one but quite cheap. I don’t regret buying it, it is definitely enough for a few weeks of traveling. Bu not hiking, I wouldn’t trust it in cold weather..
  • Handback: Fjällräven backpack– I just really like backpacks.
  • Shampoo and Shower Combi: Saubär
  • Travel Towel: Super fast at getting dry and they do not need much space.
  • Packing Cubes: Good for storage.

gamepad    Gadgets on the road

  • iPad Air: Way smaller than any laptop and good for planing and gaming.
  • Since I am too cheap to buy a GoPro I settled for the Neewer® Actionkamera. I haven’t worked with it yet.

help    Safety

Until now I am only using a simple travel lock but I really want to buy one of these awesome bags. Especially if you are traveling alone and want to keep your stuff save while in the water.

  • Trustbag
  • Pacsafe
  • Travel lock

coins    Money

You should get a credit card that does not have any fees for getting money out of the ATM in other countries. For Germany I recommend DKB.


speech-bubble    Other resourceful sites