Volunteering at AHSFA – Northern Peru

If you hear Peru you are probably thinking about Machu Picchu and Lamas, but certainly not about animal shelter volunteer programs. It was the same for me before I learned about the AHSFA- Asociación Humanitaria “San Fransisco De Asis”. But ever since I’ve read about this project I really want to go! AHSFA is a non-profit program that wants to improve animal and community life in Northern Peru.

How can I help?

  • Non-Vet Volunteer:

    Pass on the knowledge and expertise you have to the people in Colan and surrounding villages. Other tasks are: walking dogs/ administering medication/ looking after the gardens/ some handy work at the shelter

  • Vet Volunteer: 

    Veterinarian services to the animals like sterilizing and helping sick animals.

Any costs?

There are only the costs of accommodation: $150 US for non-Vet and $210 for Vet/Vet Students per wee s (meals included).


What to expect?

  • experiencing the rual life of Northern Peru
  • Since it is such a small project you can immediately see the impact your work has
  • You can still go and see Machu Picchu and Lamas 🙂

How do I get there?

The project is located in Colan which is geographically situated on the North West desert coast of Peru. Nearby is a small airport called Piura, which is 1 hour flight away from Lima. From Piura it takes you aboud 1 hour to drive to Colan. Colan itself is a small quiet fishing village during the winter months (April – December) and becomes a holiday resort in the summer (January – April).

Where can I stay?

The project requires you to use the accommodations they offer. The cost of accommodation is S/375.00 per week for non-Vet volunteers (S/525.00 per week for Vets and Vet Students), this is approximately $150 US for non-Vet and $210 for Vet/Vet Students. This fee also includes basic meals (just breakfast on the weekends), laundry, transport to and from villages for work and all the organizing prior to and after the visit.


What to bring?

Cash! There are no ATMs in Colan. Regarding clothes: you usually only need shorts, sandals and something a little bit warmer for the evenings. If you want to stay in touch with home you should rent/hire a cell phone from the Lima airport, it seems to be cheaper than bringing your own.


Asoc. Humanitaria San Francisco De Asis Center
Colan, Piura, Northern Peru
Tele: (cell/mobile) 073 – 969686814
Email: rosagordon2003@hotmail.com


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